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Blessings and welcome to the Z Budapest official website for author Dr. Zsuzsanna E. Budapest,

the  Dianic Tradition, the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 and the Goddess College.

After over 40 years of service to the Women’s Spiritual Community, this website serves as a culmination and platform for Z’s large body of work and related events.

Read on dear Sister and discover your sacred path to your own divinity

and well being through the Goddess and all of her Natural beauty.

Z Budapest Books

Tarot Reading with Z:  I fought for women’s right to counsel each other, when I chose to go to trial for Tarot reading. It took me nine years of my life to change the paradigm. I take my right to counsel you during these difficult times very seriously.



 tarot reading with Z Budapest

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Is it the Dianic Tradition that you seek?

For you have found the home of the birth place of the Dianic Tradition. Just for you, lovely seeker of the Goddess, we sisters have constructed the most holy of Women’s Mysteries in an online school for Dianic Wicca. It is affordable. It is accessible to even the most novice internet user. And, it is the only place where you can access The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries and it’s author Z Budapest.

Come join us here to learn the ways of the Dianic witches, and gain a deeper understanding for the Goddess Movement.

Women’s Spirituality has never been so alive! It’s pulse beats in hearts of every woman who seeks to know and understand the goddess in her many aspects.

We offer courses in Goddess study, feminist philosophy, women’s mysteries, herbalism and much more.

We also have free classrooms where you can meet-up with other women and share experiences, life and sisterhood.

The ways of Feminist Dianic Witchcraft are being whispered upon the winds of the ages, passing from crone to mother to maiden.

Grandmother spider is weaving her web to bring together all sisters who hear the calling, within whose bosom the ancient self beckons a return. Where women can freely celebrate the shining female aspects of religion and theology, of sisterhood and shared experience, of dance and ritual.

For here there be witches! Dianic witches are back! Join us!

My Dark Sordid Past As A Heterosexual: First Destiny


Wise, whimsical, witty and spiced with a touch of the deviously wicked. America’s favorite witch stirs up a cauldron from her past in this autobiographical look in the mirror.

Z Budapest has written her first tell-all autobiography filled with touching moments of reflection, some amazing moments of courage and tales of self-survival. Z has lead a charmed life of Forest Gump moments and until you read this book, you won’t really get the magic that is America’s favorite and most talked about witch.

An enjoyable read from front to back, My Dark Sordid Past As A Heterosexual is focused on Z Budapest’s first destiny in life. Graced by the Fates, she definitely walks to her own inner-drummer.

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