It is the end of the year. Last month December. An auspicious time.

I think all that gift giving is how humans trying to avoid depression. These are the dark times in most places. But we use the Old Religion to cheer us up and the new religion of commerce to sell and buy stuff.

What is lost almost totally is the reason for all this activity and gifting.

Its a Birth. Nativity. There is a woman in labor, moaning and pushing, sweating and breathing deep. She is a young woman, unmarried, fertilized by a proxy via the Angel Gabriel. She is in the grip of a universal happening; you cannot step away from it, you cannot postpone it, the birth has to happen or you’ll die.

And every woman knows this when delivering a baby from a life of nothingness into manifestation of humanity. This is what makes mothers divine. In this moment of birthing, we are both animals and we are goddesses. Its our labor that creates all of humanity. As my mother used to say, “Women are the real human beings,” and she would say freely that she isn’t a feminist. Its how nature created all species.

What do you say? That men have a little something to do with it? Right you are. Males contribute the sperm which brings diversity into the individual and their sexual assignment. But men also come from woman. We create the same – daughters, and we create the variations – sons.  So its our sperm, or rather Mother Nature’s plan.


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