handfasting committment ceremony

The most popular pagan goddess wedding ceremony was created by Z Budapest in The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries where Z coined the term Tryst Ritual as an expressly feminine marriage ceremony and rite of passage that can be used for hetrosexual couples as well as same sex couples.

Z Budapest has been conducting Pagan marriage rituals for over 40 years as a celebrated High Priestess within the Dianic Tradition, which she founded.

Z is availble to officiate your handfasting ceremony as well. Whether it's a civil union or a licensed marriage certificate, Z is able to offer you her services as clergy. She has legal standings through the Women's Spirituality Forum, an IRS 501(c)3 non-profit in the state of California; making your clergy fees tax deductible.

What is Z Budapest's hanfasting marriage ceremony like?

The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries has this beautiful rite of passage written out for you in rich detail. All the elements of the wedding ritual are explained and there for you to review and practice with pre-ceremony.

Z brings a sacred happy glow of love and joy to your wedding ceremony! Attendees will love and remember your heart-felt ceremony, reflecting the specialness of you both! Z's warmth and loving heart will shine through for you in this sacred celebration of love and union.

Will Z travel to you?

Z Budapest makes her home in Northern California and is available for Trysting ceremonies within the San Francisco Bay Area by car for day trips. If your wedding is being held outside that area (50 mile radius from Oakland), Z will still enjoy officiating your wedding, but there will be additional fees.

What about a rehersal?

The Fates do not require a rehersal, but some couples feel they really want one. Z has a very relaxed way about her rituals. She will help guide you through it, and as long as you have all the components of the handfasting-trysting ritual there, you really don't need a rehersal.

However, if you'd fee more comfortable with a little rehersal time (like 30 minutes before the ceremony), you can arrange that with Z in advance. There will be an additional charge for a rehersal that happens more than 30 minutes prior to the ceremony.

What are the fees?

Z requires set fee honorariums plus travel expenses to be paid prior to doing any marriage ceremony.

$500 if she drives in and does it (includes a little rehersal time 30 minutes before the ceremony).
$100 additional for rehersal 1-2 hours prior to the wedding ceremony.
$500 for an additional day before the ceremony rehersal.

Outside the radius of 50 miles from Santa Cruz County will include all travel, lodging and meals expenses. Mileage fee per mile $1 each. Out-of-state locations to include paid round-trip plane fare and accomodations.

Z does not provide any props, flowers or materials for your ceremony.


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Want to make a reservation now?

You can put down a deposit using PayPal. All deposits are non-refundable. Check with us for date availability if you are locked into a specific date before making a deposit.

Have you got something else in mind for your wedding ceremony?

Go ahead and contact Z directly and let her know what you're proposal is all about. Z is open to new ideas. zbudapest AT gmail.com

Consider having a psychic Tarot Reading with Z as part of your pre-ritual marriage preparations for your new life together.

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